Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Mexican Problem

There was a report on CNN a couple of days ago by reporter, Ed Lavendera, on two Latino-American teenage assassins, hired by the Mexican drug cartels to kill on command. One of these young boys killed his first person at about age 13. His description of the killing included the fact that it was so much "fun."

These kids are not anomalies. They are apparently the common choices of these powerful and sadistic billionaire corporations that are exporting drugs to this country. Teenage kids can make 50K easily and often drive around in expensive cars waiting for the command to kill. I'm sure that the cartels find it very easy to recruit kids with promises of such large sums of money.

It has become apparent that assassinations are spreading further inland as the Mexican drug empire becomes more established in this country. Multiple killings related to this industry are happening more and more in cities like Atlanta or Dallas or New York. Millions flow back to Mexico along with more guns and ammo for the drug armies that are running amok in Mexico.

Just how long it will be before these armed bands venture across the border is unknown. It is time that the government ramps up its efforts to stem the flow of drugs northward and the money and guns back into Mexico. The President has already begun to increase the number of border patrol agents, along with better electronic surveillance, etc. However, it is my belief that it is going to take military presence along the border to begin to turn this incredible business into a losing proposition.

The military is stressed at the moment because of the Bush mess in Iraq, however, it is imperative that action begins quickly. Checkpoints for thorough searches should be established at every official crossing point, and steady patrols, aerial, foot and vehicle should become the norm. Although it is practically impossible because of the NRA and its Republican shills, assault weapons should again be banned. Any gun shop that is caught selling guns and ammo across the border should be immediately closed and its operators imprisoned. This issue is that serious.

The drug cartels must be destroyed, and we should assist Mexico in accomplishing that task. If the Mexican government would approve, and if intelligence could pinpoint locations, I don't think air strikes should be off the table. The cartels have established their own armies, so they should be treated as such. This is truly a war on drugs that must be won, and won quickly.


Anonymous said...

And you think that when law-abiding citizens give up their guns, the criminals will? Cheap non-stop rant about Bush and NRA. When will Obama own ANY problems? Nice of Hillary to blame the US. Remember I'm a former Democrat too. mom2

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I think it would be a good idea for welfare recipients to be required to take drug test before drawing and random tests thereafter. That would certainly help with the demand for drugs. mom2 (welfare - Democrat's favorite program).

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Wow Mom2. Aren't we being nasty these days. I'm not talking about anyone "giving up guns" just stopping the sale of assault weapons. Citizens have no need for them, they are used against the police as in Alabama recently, they are only used to hunt people. No one should legally be able to buy one. By the way, I don't recall using Bush's name at all in the post. As for welfare drug tests, that would be an amazing expense to the taxpayer and virtually useless, because welfare recipients are only a small portion of drug users. Of course, I'm sure that by "welfare recipient" you are using a code word for African-American. By the way, apparently you must not be concerned about the Mexican drug cartels and what they are doing. That was what the post was about, and you only selected your special right-wing social issues.

Anonymous said...

GMM, you are wrong at least 3 times here. Go back and read your post. You mentioned the Bush Iraq mess, I did not intend to use a code word for welfare recipients either (because until recently we only had and still only have a minority of African-Americans in our community), and welfare recipients would have to work if they did not get their drug money free. There are more welfare recipients in the young age here than in the older age bracket (I live in a small town and it is not difficult to know who is on aid, just check out behind them at any store). As for the guns, do you think that the criminals would not acquire the assault weapons if only the good guys were unable to get them and I do live in a state that is getting nosier and nosier about gun owners and purchasers (but you know those criminals will be open and honest about their acquiring them. sarcasm) mom2

Stephen Fox said...

Little off topic but you and Mom2 should have a lot of fodder in the carreer of the new president of Truett McConnell.
Check out the speakers he brings to campus. Could be interesting to monitor.
Story in Recent Gainesville, Ga Times

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I stand corrected on Bush mom2. Not on the mess of course, because we all know it is his mess. I know that criminals can get guns, I just don't want the drug cartels or anyone else to get them legally. It is very easy to buy an assault weapon and go out and kill with it. Let's make it a bit harder to get them. Thanks for the heads up Stephen. That is a very interesting story and a good one to follow.

Diane J Standiford said...

So many lives damaged by this issue and the gun issue. I wish we could move back from the politics and blame gaming and figure out how to save lives.