Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Republicans Health Care is a "Privilege"

Watch TN's Wamp tell us that health care is a privilege:

What rocks do these people crawl out from under? It is amazing that a man with government provided health care can tell us that only those privileged enough should be able to have some kind of health care. My guess is that this Wamp character won't be elected to much more than dog catcher in the future.

Unfortunately, this is probably the typical Republican response. Only they and their "privileged" buddies are supposed to have anything in this country. That is why they spent the last eight years screwing the rest of us, while they took care of their rich supporters.


Dirk said...

As with the Clinton plan, the Obama plan has nothing to do with people's access to healthcare. The public is being misled with these statistics that 46 million people don't have access to healthcare. As on this clip, the fact that about half of these people choose not to, and yes these numbers include the wealthy who don't need it. By Federal law, everyone has access. This is another attempt at a complete & total takeover of the healthcare system which remains the best in the world. That's why the hospitals in our northern states have more Canadian patients than American patients. Obama's plan will be extremely costly to taxpayers, & the government would make decisions on your treatment.

The problems we do have with our healthcare system were caused by excessive government regulations and insurance. Both have driven healthcare costs through the roof.

And if nothing else, regardless of who's in the White House, when was the last time government became involved in something & made it better? I certainly don't remember it!


Heli gunner Tom said...

Good point, Dirk, and I agree with you!

In the final analysis, there can be NO so-called "compromise" with the black and white good and bad that the Bible speaks of. You are either for God or damned to hell for eternity, cracker...LOL! Opinions are like a sow's butt--everybody's got one..Ha! Liberals are not really 'men'--they are jellyfish.
Are you a Communist, or what?

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Tom, have you tried counseling? I hear that it helps.