Monday, January 5, 2009

How Bush Threw the Election?

My old buddies at Worldnet Daily are at it again. Now in a new article the head honcho, Joseph Farah (I love that "Muslim" name) says that a "rotten Bush" threw the election to Obama in the last days before the election. Hilarious!

George Bush "threw" the recent election with eight years of a regime of corrupt and un-American leadership. The Republican faithful simply can't understand or will not admit that this man and his supporters in Congress and within his inner circle were so bad that the American people simply wouldn't support them anymore. They cannot bring themselves to admit that a mixed race man may be capable of better leadership and that the voters saw that. Furthermore, they can't admit that John McCain and his air head VP candidate weren't capable of showing the voters how they could do any better than Bush.

How long will we have to endure these mindless excuses for losing? If they continue to fail to understand why they lost, they will fall further into this abyss of bad politics. Those who want to continue to move the party further to the right will ensure its continued loss for years to come. Maybe this is for the best. The United States cannot endure more of the Bush kind of leadership...that is, if we can survive dog hooey that he is leaving behind now.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Farah is not the most sane man on the planet, IMHO.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Dirk said...

The real problem is not with Bush, McCain, or any other individual in the Republican party. The problem is party leadership. Even when the Republicans had the White House & majority in Congress, they continued, as a whole, to act like the minority party & try to make everyone happy. That's why there wasn't as much accomplished as could have been then.

Nothing has changed. The Republican party does not run aggressive enough campaigns, and the last Presidential race was a good example. McCain didn't become aggressive like Obama until the last couple of weeks, & by then it was too late. Even at that, almost 62 million people voted against Obama with almost 60 million of those voting for McCain. Obama only got just short of 69.5 million votes. Not exactly an overwhelming majority.

I think its very interesting how many Obama supporters misread him. Although I don't think it's done him any real damage, there are many Obama supporters that were shocked at his choice of Rick Warren for the inauguration invocation. I guess they thought that his professing to be a Christian was just more rhetoric to get elected & that he would abandon it once the elections were over.

I think it will be interesting to watch how many more surprises will be coming down the pike.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I agree with you Dirk. I think Obama is more conservative than many think, and I have said that before. He has been portrayed by the right as an ultra-liberal, primarily because of his perceived views on the wedge issues. However, if you really listen to what he says, rather than place words in his mouth, he is not far left at all. I agree that there will be more surprises for some.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a politician! He wets the finger and holds it up to the wind. Even Wright said so, remember? Obama will not have to endure the kind of hatred that was pushed by the media toward Bush and published by the blind bloggers who would vote for satan if he was on the Democrat ticket. This world is in for a very, very bumpy ride and only the Good Lord can help. It is time for Christians to look to Him instead of politicians. mom2