Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comedian Limbaugh the Best the GOP Has?

Phil Gingrey, unfortunately of Georgia, in an interview yesterday told Rush Limbaugh to back off on his negative comments about President Obama. Limbaugh, taking a page out of Osama Bin Laden's book has been saying that he hopes Obama will fail. Like Bin Laden, Limbaugh apparently wants to see the United States go down in a ball of flames. The only good thing about that is that Limbaugh would go down also.

Today Gingrey put his tail between his legs and went groveling to Limbaugh asking his forgiveness. Can you believe it? A politician going to a nutcase like Limbaugh and asking his forgiveness? Does Limbaugh now control the Republican Party? If so, the GOP appears to be going down in its own ball of flames. When the party of Abraham Lincoln and even Ronald Reagan grovels to a radio talk show comedian like Limbaugh, it has reached rock bottom. When a man, who has nothing to offer but a big mouth and extreme right wing rhetoric, can cause a reputable politician to kneel before him like a slave to his master, I shudder to think where the Republican party has fallen.

Oh, by the way, Sarah Palin announced yesterday that she has started a PAC, headquartered in the anti-American section of Virginia. Presumably this is in preparation for her run for something in 2010 or 1012. The presidency? Lord save us all.


rainlillie said...

LOL! I saw this story on Countdown. Sad he has to kiss Rush's butt. At least we now know who controls the GOP.

rainlillie said...

GMM, You are now one of my Great Minds!

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I am flattered to be a part of such a select group!

Stacee said...

He came off as a sniveling, two faced punk. I have to wonder who would actually have faith in what he says now - I mean, one day he says one thing and then the next comes begging for forgiveness from the person that he had earlier blasted.

What a fake.

And if Rush is the "face" and attitude of the Republican party, goodness save them all.