Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush Says Entire Economy in Danger?

What is this? Didn't he and his best buddy, John McCain, just say that there was no problem? I suppose that means that our economy went into the toilet in just a couple of weeks. Up to that time our two economic "experts" had been saying that the economy was strong. After all, their close friends and supporters in the banking industry were well in charge, and we had nothing to worry about. Mr. McCain's economic advisor, Mr. Gramm, told us that any perceived problem was in our heads because we were simply "whiners."

Now a grim Bush appears before the cameras, telling us that we are in danger of a depression...well, he calls it a "recession." McCain, always thinking in terms of the White House, hurriedly "suspends" his campaign, calls on Obama to cancel the debate, and rushes back to Washington to "take charge" and fix this problem. He is an "expert" on the economy. No, wait a minute, he once said that economics was one of his weak points. Never mind. He has been reading up on it and talking to his experts like Gramm. He can fix it because he is ready to be president.

Meanwhile, a cool Obama says the debate should go on, because the American people should hear what the candidates have to say about their economic programs at this critical time. Instead of "suspending" his campaign and rushing to Washington, when the Senate isn't considering Bush's bailout, he says, "I'll go when I am needed." In short he isn't using this issue as a campaign ploy, while pretending to be doing something about it.

While Washington "rassles" with this potentially fatal problem, our VP candidates continue to impress us. Joe Biden says that Roosevelt went on TV to talk about the potential depression. Palin makes small talk with a few minor foreign leaders, while her handlers continue to make sure that the press and the American public hears nothing she says. Don't you love politics?

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