Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mid-week Ramblings

Comedian Rush Limbaugh gets 30 million a year? Man, I need to go on a lying, I'm sorry, "misspoken" rant and see if I can get that much. I wonder how much the Republican party has thrown in. He's been one of their biggest supporters over the years.

Republican Rep. Tim Bearden, the Georgia legislator, responsible for the latest more liberal (oops, bad word) Georgia gun laws is suing the Atlanta airport, because of the airport policy of prohibiting guns in the unsecured part of the facility. He's also suing on behalf of a Wisconsin man who wants a Georgia gun license. Georgia law prohibits out of state residents from having a resident license. The lawyers are hoping to make it a class action suit, and therefore, all probate judges in the state would be named. I thought the Republicans were against wasteful spending. This mess will cost local governments untold dollars. Next, Bearden will be suing to allow guns on commercial flights. After all, those gun toters could always save an airplane from terrorists. Incidentally, a Georgia builder, one of Bearden's law abiding toters, killed one of his contractors a few nights ago, thinking he was a thief. Shoot first and ask questions later, I guess.

One of the crosses we Northeast Georgians have to bear are the Floridians who have invaded us over the past few years. Now we have one, Tom Jones, running for sheriff in our fair county. He has only lived here since '06. However, like many of his fellow transplants, he knows more than we do about running anything. He accuses our current sheriff of wasting money, but he proposes to turn our small agency into a clone of a large department with precinct captains and all sorts of unnecessary over-organization. You have to have a lot of gall to run for office two years after settling somewhere, but no one ever said these "half backs" had much sense. Those who left the north, went to Florida, ruined it, and are now ruining NE Georgia are called "half backs." We also refer to them as Floridiots. The native Floridians around here aren't enamored with them either.

John McCain is reorganizing yet another time. It seems his campaign has run way off the tracks again, and he needs help. It kind of makes you wonder how he can brag about how prepared he is to be president, when he can't run his campaign, and he can't choose reliable people to help him. God help us, if he is elected. I can't imagine what kind of incompetence we will find in his cabinet.

This time of year is the time for family reunions. Our local area has one about every weekend. I accompanied my wife, her brother, and her mother to Pennsylvania last week for the Latourette family reunion. It was a fun trip for me. Her mother came from a large family and many of her brothers are still living. It is interesting to see the different personalities, as well as listen to the sometimes quiet comments when someone is singled out. I told my wife's other brother that I actually survived the one thousand mile round trip without committing a felony, but it was very close at the end.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend, and don't lose any fingers with the fireworks.

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That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Tim Bearden. The guy is a loose cannon & is going to be the guy responsible for a shoot out at some point, some where & a lot of people are going to die.

I think, but not sure, but I think churches are exempt from the legislation. I hope so.