Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush Invokes Executive Privilege

Executive Privilege is a president's protection of his office under the separation of powers. There is nothing wrong with that assertion...unless it is an obvious effort to thwart an investigation, which is why is it most often used, unfortunately. In "President" (using the term loosely) Bush's case, it is a very obvious attempt to brush aside an investigation of his office's outing of a CIA officer. Previous information points the finger directly, if not at the President, certainly at his less than honest Vice President.

So often this President has talked about national security. I can think of few national security violations worse than the outing of a CIA operative. It is so obvious that this action was politically motivated and normal behavior for this administration. This bunch of hoodlums thinks nothing of taking out revenge on someone who disagrees with them. After all, in typical fundamentalist fashion, they are right, God is on their side, and therefore, anyone who disagrees is nothing more than a speck of dust to be blown out the window.

The President has thrown up roadblocks everywhere to circumvent investigations of his office. He will continue to do so until he is out of office. One wonders what will happen, when he no longer has executive privilege. He has been charged with war crimes in other parts of the world and there are some countries that he would be wise to avoid.

I don't know if anyone will pursue Bush and his henchmen or not. I do know that they are guilty of getting so many thousands of people killed for no real reason. They have changed the world's impression of our country. We can no longer take the high road as a nation that does not shoot first or torture our prisoners. It is sad and I hope that we can somehow re-establish our good name.

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