Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GA Republicans Set to Bankrupt the State and County Governments

The Republican lead state legislature is set to do to Georgia what the Bush administration is doing to the Federal Government. It appears they are ready to drastically cut taxes at a time when revenue figures are sure to be low. The two taxes involved are the state income tax and the motor vehicle tax. Since most counties derive much of their income from the motor vehicle tax, they will be seriously crippled, along with state government.

In their infinite wisdom, the legislature, knowing that the Governor will veto any tax cuts at this time, has chosen to consider putting the cuts in the form of a constitutional amendment. The Governor's hands will then be tied.

Why are they doing this now? It's an election year, and re-election is more important to them than the fiscal welfare of state and county governments. According to Sen. Pro Tem Eric Johnson, "Elections are marvelous things and we're heading into one, so there is an incentive to deliver a tax cut." Exactly what I would expect from one of the more partisan members of that august body. Sen. Johnson once commented on a budget item in his district that was to be for one of my sites, saying it was a good thing, but he couldn't vote for it because it was a Democratic budget. This was before the dark cloud of Republicanism fell over the State of Georgia. What a representative of the people!

I am for paying less taxes as much as anyone. However, I would like to see responsible management of the State's government and it's money. The local county governments throughout the state will feel the pinch at a time when they already have difficult making ends meet. Of one thing you can be sure. If these cuts are effectively passed, we will pay for them somewhere with increased local taxes and fees, but the Republican (and some Democrats, I'm sure) legislators can go out this fall and brag about their tax cuts and snooker the voters into voting for them one more time.

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