Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John McCain and the Radio Talk Show Hosts

John McCain was right in repudiating the Cincinnati radio neandrathal's rant during McCain's rally. McCain is trying, I believe, to run a civilized campaign. These self styled "conservative" Republicans are nothing more than uncivilized rabble, who want to stir up trouble by making making negative innuendos toward opposing candidates. They tell lies and expect that their listeners will believe them and come back for more. Unfortunately, many of their followers do believe their drivel.

One can only hope that these people are not the mainstream of the Republican Party. If they are, then the Republican Party is in a downward spiral from which it may not recover for many years to come. I don't think that the majority of voters, Democrat and Republican will put up with this kind of trash talk and lies much longer. The voting public is tired of it. Hopefully, this will be the death knell for this type of radio. Already, it appears that a large number of voting Republicans are not listening to them. If more politicians and voters would repudiate their spoiled-brat rantings, they would soon have to retreat back under their rocks, maybe, permanently.

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